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LymphLess bras are designed to promote lymphatic flow, reduce swelling, and improve overall comfort. We offer a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to fit your unique needs and preferences.  Our LymphLess bras are perfect for anyone looking to reduce swelling after surgery, manage lymphedema, or improve their overall health and wellbeing. Take the first step towards a more comfortable, healthier you by visiting our store today and browsing our selection of LymphLess bras.

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Take care of yourself by treating yourself to comfort, health, and lymph movement. Our mission is to help you prioritize your wellbeing through self-care and relaxation. Our products are designed to promote lymph movement, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation, which can help you feel better and promote overall health. Our products include comfortable and stylish compression garments, lymphatic massage tools, and wellness support. Whether you’re looking to reduce swelling after surgery or improve your overall health and wellbeing, we have something for you. Take the first step towards a more comfortable, healthier you by visiting our store today.


What They Say

Kellie Banks

I absolutely love this sports bra and its versatility! Having gone through a lat-flap and Radiation, it was incredibly hard to find anything that was comfortable, as materials are scratchy and leave rashes. The Material has a delicate feel and yet is very durable. It actually sits low enough and had so many pockets for either cold or warm packs, that you can use this bra for lymphatic, sornoma, or any compression purpose and still have chest material expansion to breathe. I really wish this bra was around during my mastectomy. It would be perfect for compression and you could place the padding in any pocket needed for added compression. This bra had a lot of thought go into it from the material, the ease of putting it on, the support it gives to the chest, the versatility in cold and warm pack multiple pockets, to the exquisite small unnoticeable friction areas that can be adjusted to assist the lymphatic system flow.

Kellie Banks

Stacie Webster

I have severe whiplash and bone spurs on both sides of my neck and shoulders. I also have breast augmentation. Through body work and Lymphless bras I have had huge improvement in my pain in both my neck and shoulders. I used to be a fitness trainer and still workout daily. I like the support it gives me and the style, whether it by itself or under my clothes.

These bras are worth it!

Stacie Webster


I just wanted to say I LOVE my LYMPHLESS sports bra! I had double mastectomies in January 2022. At first I was not allowed to wear any bra at all. After my fourth surgery which was to exchange the expanders for implants I was placed in a surgical compression bra. At post-op week 5 I was allowed to wear something with less compression than the surgical compression bra but still something with good compression. A dear friend gave me a lymphless sports bra!! Hooray!! I am so happy to have something that is super comfortable and helps keep my swelling down throughout the day! The front zipper closure makes it easy to get in and out of and has helped hold my implants in place while my tissue was still healing. It is very stylish and is honestly the most comfortable sports bra I have ever had! I would recommend it even if you haven’t had breast surgery! Thank you Jaynee for developing this great bra!

Cheers, Tena

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