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My Three-Pronged Goal:

  1. Create products that promote healthy lymph vitality for everyone.

  2. Share information with the public about the everyday benefits of a proper lymph drainage to healing, health and immunity.

  3. Continue to develop processes and protocols to help those with specific needs from surgical intervention for cancer treatments, or breast augmentation.

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About Me

As a Licensed Massage Therapist with 15 years of experience building my business, I have worked with a diverse range of clients. Among them were post-operative breast cancer patients who experienced pain in their underarms, chest, neck, and shoulders due to lymphatic buildup. Some of my clients even required syringe drainage before I could work on them. To help these clients, I developed personalized lymph drainage techniques, massage protocols, and ways to prevent scar tissue from adhering to the surrounding area.

These experiences led me to develop a wearable device that could stimulate lymph flow through everyday movement. However, I realized that information on the benefits of the lymphatic system, especially for those who have undergone surgery to remove parts of it, was hard to come by and even harder to understand.

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